【Good News!】Zuxing was awarded 2020-2021 advanced unit of paint and pigment standardization.

From Nov, 03- 05,2021, the 2021 annual meeting of National Technical Committee on Coatings and Pigments of Standardization Administration of China was held in Nanning,Guangxi.

In the meeting, Zuxing was awarded as 2020-2021 advanced unit of paint and pigment standardization. This year, Zuxing participated in 2 national standards and 2 group standards as following, and won 4 certificates of honor issued by the paint and pigment Technical Committee.

  1. Formulation of Natiomal standard- Paints and varnishes- Determination of moisture content in paints-Gas chromatographic method.
  2. Revision of National standard- Paints and varnishes-Pencil method for determination of paint film hardness.
  3. Formulation of Group standard- Vacuum Metallised effect coating.
  4. Formulation of Group standard- Metallic effect powder coating.

Zuxing has always attached great importance to participating in the standardization work of paint and pigment standandization committee. In the future, Zuxing will continue to adhere to and carry forward this positive and dedicated spirit, and make positive contributions to promoting in the technical progress of the paint industry.