(From Golden Eagle 955 radio) Zuxing New Materials: Lead national industry outstanding encircled Chinese dark horse.

Zuxing New Materials

Lead national industry outstanding encircled Chinese dark horse


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From technology lockdown to world leadership

From import to export

This company did one thing for twenty-three years:

Develop metallic aluminium pigments

Now, in the domestic high-end aluminum pigment product market

They sit comfortably at the top of the table

And in this subdivision

They fought for China's place in the world.

Zuxing New Materials Co., LTD., with the largest, most complete products and most advanced single factory in Asia, is also one of the few companies in the world to master silver plating technology, and resin coating silver technology ranks Top 3 in the world. At present, the market share of their products ranks first in the segmented market. In addition to replacing imports, their products are also exported to the United States, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and many other overseas countries and regions. They are a "Chinese dark horse" from the      world aluminium pigment market.


Guest: Xiaobin Liang, general manager of Zuxing New Materials Co., LTD.




Entrepreneur with a dream         Determined to work hard for the revitalization of national industry!


The cars running on the street are all kinds of colors,but in recent years, metallic car paint has become particularly popular in the market. It is shiny and classy, and consumers' preference for metallic paint has increased significantly. This type of car paint mainly uses a new material called aluminum paint. More than 20 years ago, China's high-end decorative aluminum pigment track is still blank.

Xiaobin Liang recalled: "By chance, we came into contact with the paint industry, some engineers in a paint factory. At that time, because they used aluminum pigments, it was difficult to buy, so they had to import them from oversea. I still have a feeling to do industry, just want to make this product, break the foreign monopoly technology. At that time, when we chose this name, we were determined to strive for the revitalization of the national industry, from which we took 'Zuxing' two characters."


"Starting a business is an uphill battle, from trading to being a factory, from a carefree life to being heavily in debt."

Talking about the early stage of his business, Xiaobin Liang vividly remembered: "When I first came to Shenzhen, I was engaged in the trade of components. I graduated in 1990, and I bought a house in Shenzhen in 1993. When I was engaged in this project, all my money was used up. Later,i borrowed RMB300,000 from the bank and took out a house mortgage.


Three men in a group, full of passion. Xiaobin Liang and his two close friends worked day and night in a remote tin factory in Shenzhen. "At that time, there was a tin house in the village, which was despised by other people. We did it there. When the wind crackling sound, couldt sleep well at night, at any time will fall down the feeling. We were several months behind in rent, and the general manager of the village joint-stock company came to us to demand the rent. If we did not pay, we would be evicted. He looked at it and told us to do it well, and we found out later that he had vouched for us in the village, saying that if the young men failed to pay their rent, he would pay us. We did experiments in this tin room for about a year and a half, and for a year and a half we were basically wearing shorts, shirtless, doing experiments over and over again.


In the early days, when we delivered goods, we only had one of those hand-pulled carts, the kind the old lady would pull when she went grocery shopping. We can send two buckets at a time, and in order to send more buckets, we drag two luggage carts, stack up and drag two times out, and then take a bus, take a motorcycle, so now we have some old customers say, see Liang general, think of him with luggage cart so drag drag, drag out such an industry."


A boss who thinks he's an engineer
"Not afraid of failure, 54 years old still in the factory research and development"

Our general understanding of spray painting, very simple: a nozzle, a bucket of paint, can be completed, but the seemingly simple aluminum pigment actually has a university question. Xiaobin Liang introduced: "Aluminum is a very active metal, encounter air, will produce a violent reaction with oxygen, black gray, lose its bright decorative. How to treat its surface and protect it is not easy.


To the untrained eye, he would know it was one color: silver, but now we have hundreds of models, and there are differences between them.

One time we delivered the goods to the factory,the paint factory was on the 4th floor and there was no elevator. After I took the four barrels of goods to the customer, he said the colors were inconsistent. Last month you sent me that color, today you sent me this color, how do you want me to make goods? Can you still do it? Scold me, scold that no way, I said to go back to change, the next afternoon to send over again. I repeatedly tune, tune out the color he needs to come out so we can say is growing in the customer’s scold.


Reject acquisition, feelings and dreams are more important than making money!

As a leading enterprise in the aluminum pigment industry, Zuxing New materials now owns a single factory with the most complete products and the most advanced technology in Asia, ranging from aircraft and high-speed rail to mobile phones, eye shadow and nail polish... As long as it is common to see domestic high-end silver metal paint, basically are produced by this company. According to Xiaobin Liang, with 23 years of industry experience and technical strength, they have led and participated in the formulation of domestic industry standards for many times, and even participated in the formulation of world industry standards of aluminum pigments on behalf of Chinese manufacturers.

Nowadays, the enterprise has hard strength, and naturally has become the "sweet pastry" in the capital market. However, facing the attractive purchase price, Xiaobin Liang replied firmly: "We have received many foreign counterparts, such as Eckart, Silberline and Toyo, who all proposed to us that they would like to acquire us, and they all offered very good prices. I said we will not sell, this enterprise is one of our sons, we want to develop ourselves, can not sell. I remember the early days, many clients see our efforts, to some of the defects of our products, including delivery not in time, or gave us great inclusive, if we sold, it is sorry to the customer, also I'm sorry our beginner's mind, so we always insist on down, and believe that we will do better in the future."

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