Zuxing New Materials Co., LTD. attended the 18th China Symposium on Vehicle Coatings and Finishing Technology(2020)

Recently, by "coating industry" magazine, China chemical industry association coating and finishing special committee, coating industry productivity promotion center, national coating industry information Center co-sponsored by 2020 (the 18th session) vehicle coating and finishing annual symposium was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

More than 300 representatives from the whole industry chain of automobile, construction machinery, rail transit and other sectors attended this annual symposium, with 25 exhibitors, and conducted 43 theme reports as well as many salon and forum activities. Rich content of the conference, the first setting of a sub-venue; For the first time, simultaneous offline and online live broadcasting will be adopted to expand the coverage and enhance the influence of the industry, facilitate the rapid resumption of work, production, business and market, and further promote the development of enterprises towards green, environmental protection and functional direction. The content, form and service of the meeting were praised by the delegates.

In this exhibition, Zuxing New Materials Co., Ltd. mainly launched the following corresponding products:

1.Sophisticated Silk-Sparkle Aluminium Paste series: This series of products has extremely narrow particle size distribution, extremely uniform particle size, excellent brightness, shininess and excellent covering power, suitable for automobile original paint;
2. Sophisticated Silver-white Paste: This series of products has good whiteness and excellent covering power, suitable for auto repair paint;
3. Water-borne Aluminum Paste: This series is divided into two categories. One is water-borne silicon coating, which has good water resistance, small gas release and strong weathering resistance. One is water passivation, it has a metal sense, higher covering power, better water resistance and so on. These two kinds of water-borne aluminum paste can be selected according to the different requirements of customers.