【ZuXing News】ZuXing New Materials has been awarded the certificate of national Integration management system

After 10 months 'trial operation of the integration of modernization and its management system, Zuxing New Materials Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zuxing New Materials) has obtained the national integration management system certificate of modernization. Since then, Zuxing New Materials has officially opened a new chapter of building new capabilities, intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation under the information environment.         


At the beginning of this year, while fighting against the epidemic, the company still followed the deployment of The Industry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province and The Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Ningxiang City. Under the guidance of Anhui New Century Certification Consulting Co., LTD., the company obtained the approval from the pilot enterprises with provincial-level standards implementation.

Since Mar., the company chairman and general manager, deputy general manager and other team members together to battle, actively cooperate with various departments, the solid work, to overcome the outbreak of the difficulties, under the guidance of experts, like as Mr. Song, Mr. Du, Mr. Jiang from Anhui New Century Certification Consulting Co.,LTD. , such as the combination of jitc system from the planning, research, document drafting, training, internal audit, evaluation, trial summary, application evaluation, two stages of site review, review and the release of the each work orderly, especially the management system in May, the company has set off a upsurge of the trial operation of GB/T23001-2017 integrated management system standard, and has taken it as the internal power to promote the company's transformation and upgrading, so as to normalize the standard implementation work.         

As domestic aluminum pigments industry leader, with new material - focus on aluminum pigments technology research and development, the company will uphold by integration of the two standards which is formed by the new ability, always adhere to the informationization to drive industrialization and industrialization promotes informatization, attaches great importance to enterprise information construction, the Internet + on enterprise development planning. In order to promote the comprehensive integration of enterprise management information system, accelerate the establishment of digital modern management system. In accordance with the requirements of the 13th Five-Year Plan of China and GB/T23001-2017 "Management System for Integration of Informatization and Industrialization", we will comprehensively improve the informatization and digitalization level of enterprises, enhance their competitive advantages, and achieve the two strategic goals of doubling their benefits.