"Study Party History, Feel Party Grace!" Changsha Zuxing party branch to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the party theme party day activities

On the afternoon of June 22, 2021, Changsha Zuxing Party Branch held a "Study Party History, Feel Party Grace!" Theme party day activities.

The activity was presided over by the chairman of the company, Comrade Xiaobin Liang. All the party members of the company, development objects, active members to join the party participated in the activity. Two members of the company were invited to participate in the activity.



Four stages activities, all the members repeated their pledge of admission to the Party, talk about party history learning experience, interpret the scientific guidance of Three high and Four new together, and deeply understand that under the current new situation, party members should lead all employees of the company to continue to stay true to their original intention, keep in mind the sacred mission of ZuXing for the revitalization of national industry, to make due contribution to the deveopment of aluminium pigments industry.