【Zuxing News】Zuxing New Materials attended the second group meeting of "VMP effect coating"

On October 14, 2021, "The second working Group meeting of VMP effect Group in 2021" was held in beautiful Wuxi Dangkou ancient town, sponsored by CSTM Coatings and pigments Technical Committee.


Zuxing New Materials,as a manufacture of VMP effect aluminium pigment, attended this meeting. During the discussion of group standard of VMP Effect Coating. Zuxing, as a professional manufacturer of aluminium paste, gave professional opinions on how to judge the effect of VMP.


The successful holding of this conference can not only promote the rapid development of VMP effect coating, but also standardize and guide the quality improvement and technical progress of VMP effect coating, and further strengthen the promotion of high texture and high performance VMP effect coating products. Zuxing new materials will continue to strive to develop more high-quality VMP products, improve product quality, to meet the needs of customers.