Good news! Changsha Zuxing subsidiary - Xiangxi Zuxing Complex Building officially opened!

Good news! Zuxing New Materials subsidiary - Xiangxi Zuxing Complex Building officially opened!

In the morning of July 4, the opening ceremony of Xiangxi Zuxing Complex Building was held briefly and solemnly. Mr. Liang Xiaobin, Chairman of the board, Jiang Xiaoping, Deputy General manager of Changsha Zuxing, Zeng Mengjin, deputy general manager of Changsha Zuxing, Luo Lin, general manager of Altla and the cadres and employees of Xiangxi Zuxing participated in the opening ceremony, and jointly offered their best wishes for Xiangxi Zuxing's new look and new journey.

In order to further motivate all cadres and workers to bear in mind the original mission (Zuxing - striving for the revitalization of national industry!) With the heart of the "great country", in the new position and a new starting point, continue to struggle and continue to move forward, Xiangxi Zuxing held a grand ceremony in front of the comprehensive building. Chairman Liang and two flag-bearers walked to the flag-raising platform with a sonorous and vigorous pace. When the national anthem sounded, the flag-bearers struggled to throw the national flag into the air. With the bright five-star red flag rising slowly, all the staff at the scene were full of affection for the national flag and expressed the most sincere love for the motherland.

Then the unveiling ceremony began. All of a sudden the guns were fired and the streamers were flying. Mr. Liang Xiaobin, chairman of the board, and Mr. Zhao Shouyuan, general manager of Xiangxi Zuxing, opened the curtain at the same time, which means that the first victory, the grand plan, and the business is booming. The opening ceremony of the complex building was successfully concluded with warm applause.





"Don't forget where you came from, only then can you achieve stability and reach a long distance; Remember the original intention, and have the power to forge ahead." The opening of the complex building marks a new chapter in the development of Xiangxi Zuxing prosperity. All employees of Xiangxi Zuxing will not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission of "striving for the revitalization of national industry", forge ahead, continue to increase technological innovation, continue to introduce innovative products, empower industry customers, meet market demand, and provide customers with better service.