Zuxing New Materials won the title of Hunan Province raw material industry "Three Products" benchmarking enterprise

On November 17, Hunan raw material industry "three products" special action and new materials pilot platform work promotion meeting was held in the news center on the first floor of Hunan International Exhibition Center.


Zuxing New Materials was awarded the 1st batch of Hunan Province raw material industry "Three Products" benchmarking enterprises, Zhang Zhiping, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology personally awarded a plaque to the award-winning enterprises.



The raw material industry is the foundation of the real economy, the main force of industrial base reconstruction and the main battlefield of industrial green development, and the basic industry supporting the development of the national economy and the key field to win international competitive advantage.



Zuxing new Materials will focus on "increasing varieties, improving quality and creating brands", enhance the effective supply capacity of high-end products, create products with high scientific and technological content, high quality satisfaction and high brand recognition, achieve synchronous improvement of quality and efficiency, and contribute their own strength to promote the high-quality development of the province's material industry.