Warm congratulations on the successful holding of 2023 Xiangxi Zuxing Product Promotion Conference

Warm congratulations on the successful holding of 2023 Xiangxi Zuxing Product Promotion Conference

2023 Xiangxi Zuxing Product promotion meeting was successfully held on March 10. The meeting was presided over by Liang Xiaobin, chairman of Zuxing Group. Sales representatives, technical department, finance department, Marketing Department and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

Before the meeting, Chairman Liang Xiaobin inspected the office building project under construction and the production situation of each workshop. Fu Xingjia, executive deputy general manager of Xiangxi Zuxing, led the sales staff to visit the production workshops and introduced the production situation, product structure and production capacity of the workshops in detail.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Liang Xiaobin delivered an opening speech.Chairman Liang affirmed the advantages of Xiangxi Zuxing and placed high hopes on the development prospects of the company. Xiangxi Zuxing has a wide location, unique product structure, complete product categories and broad development prospects.

Next, Zhao Shouyuan, general manager of Xiangxi Zuxing, introduced the basic situation of the company, summarized the sales situation in 2022 and January and February of this year and carried out an in-depth analysis, reported the work plan for 2023, and put forward his own views and suggestions on sales and marketing. Technical Director Shi Long introduced the performance and advantages of various products such as floating flake aluminum powder, fine ground flake aluminum powder, non-floating flake aluminum powder, passivated aluminum pigment, dense silicon coated aluminum powder, resin-coated aluminum powder, thick silicon coated aluminum powder, double coated aluminum powder, and easily dispersed aluminum powder. Research and Development Director Jiao Jianwang introduced the newly developed water-based strip aluminum pigments, odorless aluminum pigments, color aluminum pigments, high weather resistance aluminum pigments, zinc aluminum pigments for Dallol, copper and gold powder pigments and the company's product development direction. Xu Tingtie, Chief financial officer, summarized the financial issues that should be paid attention to in sales. Marketing manager Li Shishuang reported the operation of the Marketing Department. During the meeting, the participating sales representatives spoke enthusiastically and actively put forward their own views and relevant opinions and suggestions on Xiangxi National Xing products.

Finally, the chairman made a concluding speech, encouraging the sales elite of the group to actively explore new markets, promote new products, and contribute to the development of the group.

Through the joint efforts of all the comrades present at the meeting, the agenda was successfully completed and the expected objectives were achieved. The meeting came to a successful conclusion.